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About DJ Lakha

Born in Dallas – Texas, based in Austin, Lakha Singh a.k.a. “DJ Lakha” has traveled across North America and brings incredible energy to every stage on which he performs. His ability to read any crowd, harness musical knowledge, and capitalize on fundamental skills as a trained percussionist bring even those that seldom dance to their feet. Working in the private and public events realm as a Professional DJ for more than a decade, DJ Lakha is well versed in Western and South Asian flavors of music and specializes in fusion concepts with musical styles from around the world.

With his depth of experience in both the wedding industry and the broader entertainment industry, you can expect excellence from his work as a live DJ and as a producer/remixer. His musical passion spans over two decades and began with primary school education opening his eyes to the world of percussion, particularly the snare drum. While his journey started in the western sphere of influence, DJ Lakha is no stranger to music’s eastern flavors and its associated instruments. Having Danced alongside the internationally recognized Bhangra team, Alamo City Bhangra, and worked alongside several Desi Dance Network dance teams to create award-winning custom soundtracks for exceptional performances across North America, DJ Lakha is a versatile creative force.

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Lakha's Journey